A Letter To All Leaders Of The Modern World – daron worldwide

A Letter To All Leaders Of The Modern World – daron worldwide

April 29, 2021 Off By Montero Theo

To all leaders of the modern world,


It is your duty as a government representative to listen to the concerns of the people you have sworn to serve and protect. It is also your duty to make the right choices and decisions that will benefit the people in the countries and communities all over the world that you have been selected to represent. The choices and decisions you have taken responsibility for are not benefiting the people, but are instead benefiting governments and corporations. The choices and decisions you have made have created a world of inequality, divisions, corruption, scandals, and severe human rights violations in all corners of this beautiful earth.


You have designed a world that a majority of the earth’s population do not agree with, and do not benefit from. In turn, we have no other option but to support these systems that do not sustain us because you have made it your policy for us to contribute to a world that should be so much more than primitive. You make these decisions regardless of the negative conditions that affect everyone as a whole and only benefit your own greedy interests. If you truly wanted to end world hunger, it would not exist in the world. If you truly wanted to end wars, there would be no wars. Because these elements are present in our world, you truly do not want to solve these serious problems. Banks are bailed out, while the people are left to suffer the consequences and the world has now learned of your self-serving tactics.


We, the people, are fully aware of the one sided decisions being made and implemented behind closed doors for your own agendas. When we, the people, speak out against your corruptive ways our cries fall on deaf ears because of media manipulation and your desire to operate in secrecy. The decisions that are being made are decided on principles of profit over life and this is a clear human rights violation on an unprecedented level. These decisions are not sustainable and if you continue down the path you are leading us it will absolutely have a negative impact on future generations, our beautiful children. Evidence of this can be seen by taking a look at the way we live our lives today and it is your responsibility to correct the errors of your ways.


Humanity is meant to learn from its mistakes to avoid them from happening again in the future. To continue to make the same mistake would be clear insanity especially in regards to the scale and magnitude of the problems that you have created. Because of the roles in leadership you now hold, you have neglected the good people you are supposed to be re-presenting. When you address our problems, the reply is often that it is not financially possible to solve the problem and monetary values have become more important to you than human life itself.

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You have poisoned our food supply in the name of profit, and while millions around the world came together in unity to demand a solution for this problem our voices and concerns were ignored because the problem still exists. Instead, you continue to line your pockets for your own greedy intentions and secretive agenda.


You have allowed water to be privatized for financial and social gains, despite water being a basic human necessity in which much of our bodies consists of and is an absolute requirement for our daily survival. It is a fundamental human right to have access to healthy food, clean drinking water, shelter, warmth, love and compassion, and other modern necessities such as transportation, communication, energy and education. You have created a world where if we do not have financial means to pay for these necessities, we go without them. Millions go without and are suffering all over the world as a direct result of this and you continue to allow for the human race to live a life where it is a struggle to survive. This is not the purpose of human life, and our potential is being destroyed because of this pyramid scheme.


In North America, as well as many other parts of the world our drinking water supply is being poisoned with Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, a known toxic waste from the aluminum industry. There is no valid reason that this toxic waste should be in any public drinking water supply. Outdated science and archaic methods of living are still existent despite having the technology and capabilities to solve these issues. We demand access to free clean drinking water in all parts of the world and we have the resources and technology to make this a reality. To deny this is to deny your people this essential human right, and is a violation of human rights because of the known poisons that exist in our drinking water.


Natural cures are withheld from the public because patents cannot be put on anything that comes from nature allowing for billions of people to get sick. This often leads to the death of the individual while increasing profits for the health and pharmaceutical industries and is a clear human rights violation on a massive scale. Cancer can be cured, but the profits made from fundraisers and programs you create are a cash pot, easily reaching and exceeding billions of dollars each year and you would rather choose these profits over life itself. Health care is a human necessity and to withhold this from any person for a profit is a clear and viable human rights violation. There should be free health care available in all parts of the world.

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Nuclear power is a known dangerous technology which is an outdated science and even though people like Tesla have created self-sustainable free energy devices, you have chosen to suppress these technologies for your own financial gains. Will it take another Fukushima incident to correct the errors of your ways, or is it time we ignore the profits being made and make the right decisions that will benefit all of humanity and not a privatized corporation or government? In our modern world, we should be living off of free sustainable clean energy so that all people have access to this modern human right. It is clear however, that you have an agenda and have steered humanity into a world of greed and inequality where billions of people go without such basic fundamental human rights.


Education should not come at a cost but many governments have designed interest systems where there are massive profits to be made, causing further struggle and obvious inequality all over the world. All human beings should have the right to contribute to society however they feel based off of their interests. The skills and education required to train these necessary community positions should be made available to everyone and should be made available at no cost to ensure that there is enough people with the right skills to do the best job possible, while enjoying their employment. Some countries have implemented this already and it has proven to be efficient.


We have the technology to fuel vehicles and transportation with free energy but you continue to pollute this planet by using fossil fuels in the name of profits. This decision is damaging our environment and our health and it should be industry standard to make vehicles that are run from free energy. We must advance our ways to solve the problems that exist by continuing to use fossil fuels.


You have created a world in which all things human beings require to survive on a daily basis come at a cost to the public itself, the workers, the ones who maintain and support communities in all parts of the world. While you profit from these necessities and have created wars and violence to maintain your control over the earth’s resources and population, millions of people around the world are now suffering and struggling to survive as a direct result. Do we not have the right to life, or does naturally living our lives have to come at a cost? The answer to this is quite clear and obvious, as it can be felt and seen in all parts of the earth but it does not have to be this way.

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The cost of living continues to increase and those who cannot keep up with the rise in costs go without, and life for them becomes a struggle for survival in a modern world. While the costs to live increase, jobs are being replaced by machines causing technological unemployment and it has become harder for people to find jobs while the lay-off and unemployment rates continue to increase. Budget cuts are affecting people’s lives more and more each day and it is getting harder to survive on a pension despite many hard working individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to working are the ones who are feeling the effects, despite the fact that they have provided the backbone of our modern civilizations.


People have lost their security and the middle class has become something that is nearly non-existent. Many people are forced to work multiple jobs just to support their families and stay alive while their savings are being stolen from them. The mental state of the world is becoming more unstable as a direct result and this can be seen in many parts of the world.


The legal system protects those in government and industry and the media is used to create a fictional reality, shaping public opinion with principles based on illusions and lies. When people stand up for human rights they are all too often ridiculed or discredited and in an era where our human rights should be of top priority, you have allowed humanity to be violated and abused on a massive scale.


The time has come for change. We will no longer stay silent to these human rights abuses and we will not be silenced any longer. We are the majority, the backbone of our modern world, and it is your duty as our representatives to listen to the concerns of the people and create a world that we can be proud to pass on to future generations.


When we demand these changes, we ask that the police and military protect and serve the people instead of protecting the interests of financial gain, inequality and globalization. We will no longer stand idle in silence, and it is your duty to listen to the collective voice of the people. We know the truth, and the truth will set us free.




We The People