Buy Morgan Silver Dollars silver dollar optical

Buy Morgan Silver Dollars silver dollar optical

March 18, 2021 Off By Montero Theo

Morgan Dollars for Sale – Where and Why to Buy

If you are considering a Buying a Morgan silver dollar and are looking at where they are for sale, it’s a good time to become educated about the options you have in front of you as well as the reasons for buying.

The Morgan dollars coin dates back just over a century ago, first being minted in 1878 by the US Mint. They represent not only a stable asset due to the high grade of silver present in the dollar but also a historical artifact as these priceless coins are no longer in active circulation or minting.

As far as where you might want to look for Morgan Dollars, your options are pretty simple but there are a few key differences among the places you can find online:

Places online to find Silver Dollars on Sale


If you want to buy on the basis of choice and competition, eBay is a great place to go for these coins. Each month thousands of Morgan Coins for Sale on eBay can be found. There are thousands of Morgan Dollars sold each month on eBay and the competition market is fierce, which is a winning situation for the buyer because that means the sellers are fighting to get your business.

My only advice is to do your due diligence when researching a seller. Bad feedback is a great way to tell that someone is not legitimate or measure their reliability. If you buy Morgan dollars from an unreliable seller, you may not receive your coins.

Golden Eagle Coins

Golden Eagle Coins is a very reputable merchant. If you are interested in doing business with a company that has the strength and certainty of experience behind them, this company has a number of full time staff, a very professional website and a commitment to making every customer satisfied and making the items work exceptionally well for everyone.

I’d go with this seller if working with a reputable company is your primary interest and price is not a huge concern.

Another reputable seller, Gov Mint has been in business for a few years and specializes in rare coins and currencies of historical value. Again, this is a place you buy if your choice is to find a reputable company rather than the lowest price.

Why Buy Morgan Dollars?

The reasons for purchasing these rare silver dollars can be summed up fairly easily. If you have been buying rare coins for a good period of time, you understand the value in history, rarity and quality, all of which is an asset to the Morgan dollar.

Here are a few reasons for buying in case you didn’t already have enough:

Historical significance

The first Morgan dollar was minted in 1878 after the passage of the Fourth Coinage Act, an act which ended the free coining of silver. It’s named for its designer, George T. Morgan, who was the assistant engraver at the U.S. Mint at the time the coin was produced. It was used as legal tender for a number of years.

The coin is extremely rare because it has been out of production for so long. It was minted from 1878 to 1921 and in a limited supply, which brings us to the next reason…


The more rare a coin or artifact is, the more valuable it is. Because Morgan dollars were only minted for a very limited amount of time, they are lacking in supply and thus huge in demand. People will often pay as much as 300 dollars for a single Morgan dollar depending on how it was minted and how much circulation it endured in its lifetime.

Value of silver

If you are looking to buy Morgan dollars, one thing you cannot overlook is the intrinsic value of the material it is minted on. Many people collect gold and silver items because they are much more stable than the declining value of the dollar. This is because metals like silver do not rust and have many uses in various industries.

Because of that, the value of a silver dollar will never be zero regardless of what public sentiment of historical significance becomes. The coin can always be melted back into a more simple form and used for other purposes.

Many people talk about the significance of finding Morgan Silver dollars at a cheap price for collector’s items, but not enough people realize the investment value of it as well. With the uncertainty in the market today, there is a decent chance that silver investments could take off even further.

Why does silver perform well in a down market?

Whenever the market gets bad, certain things are always bound to happen. One of the first things to happen is that with Keynesian economic policies, the value of liquid assets such as the dollar decline very rapidly due to increases in debt and the money supply.

In response to this, investors are much more likely to pick up hedges. A hedge is a safe place to put your money that will protect it against the fluctuations of the market. One of the most common hedges are precious metals such as silver and gold because these do not deteriorate in value nearly as much as other investments do.

When investors start buying a lot of a limited asset such as silver, the price naturally increases due to an increase in demand. Because of this, the value of silver has gone up by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This is just another reason to find Morgan dollars for sale and buy them up as quickly as possible because many experts believe that silver and gold have still not reached their peak yet.

Will the price of silver dollars go up?

If you find Morgan Silver dollars at a reasonable price, you might want to buy as quickly as possible. Due to the uncertainty of the market, there is a good chance that these investments will increase in value in the near future. By using some of the sites listed above you will be able to Buy some Morgan Dollars.