Cool & Trendy Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair – creative hairdressers inc

Cool & Trendy Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair – creative hairdressers inc

March 17, 2018 Off By Montero Theo

As a woman, you would agree with a fact that “Your hair is quite literally your crowning glory!”


So, just keep the pride on, even if you have the shortest hair in the group. Just remember that every haircut can be styled in the best way possible. All you have to do is to use your imagination and be confident about your look.


If you are up to a whole new change for your look, this guide will be sure to be your ideal partner as we have collected the best cool and trendy short hair styles from top hairstylists. These latest hairstyles are ideal for every face cut, body and complexion.


Short & Messy Ombre Bob


Ombre Bob has been a very common hairstyle for the women with short hair, but the Short & Messy Ombre Bob hairstyle adds a twist to the traditional Ombre Bob. Many famous personalities are already admiring this hairstyle with Alexa Chung being the most famous personality who used this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you may choose to part your hair on the side or in the middle. The key for success here is to look effortlessly messy but chic. You may also try creating random waves for better volume to the body of her hair. You can either leave your hair unwashed overnight or create volume by scrounging your hair with a volumizing hair mousse. You can also try layering your bobs.


Vintage French Curls


Another one of the best trendy and cool boy hair designs in this list is “Vintage French Curls.” This hair style is inspired by 20s French fashion that will provide additional depth to the entire look, making your face appear smaller. When trying this hairstyle, make sure that your hair is well prepared with heat protectant as your curls tend to appear dry and frizzy when not done well. To create smaller curls, it is recommended to curling irons with either 5/8” or ¾” barrels.


Trendy Hairstyles


Brushed Up Pixie Hairstyle


If you like challenging yourself, then here is another task for you. Recently in the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence flaunted her latest haircut (Brushed Up Pixie Hairstyle) with her windswept fringe built up on top for glamorous volume. For the perfect results, you will need to blow dry your hair using a round brush while moving the brush towards the back. You can gently push the fingers from the back to create more volume on the top.

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Straight & Messy Lob haircut


This is something you can call, “perfect for every occasion.” The lob is one of the most comfortable yet trendy hairstyles that is apt for almost any shape, making it the ideal to those looking for cool boy hair designs. It can suit almost any occasion, outfit and mood. Whether you are in office, party or a dinner date, you can match your lob accordingly. For the formal look, try straight and for the casual occasion, it’s good to go messy. The key here is that the hair must fall softly between your chin and collarbone, which lets your lob creates a great angle for the face and neck.


Pixie Styled with Spikes


For those having a naughty attitude, pixie haircut can truly be an effective choice. But, you can make it looking a bit better as you try Pixie Styled with Spikes. It will make you look chic and dramatically androgynous, just like Kate Moss. The look with this hairstyle is not as hard as you think. To try this look, you need to wash your hair and blow them dry until 70% dry. Get a styling wax and move your fingers around your hair to randomly mess with your pixie until you achieve the best and desired look. It’s quite easy and effortless but exquisitely great appearance!


So, these were the best cool & trendy hairstyles for women with short hair. Each one of them is picked by the experts so you can be sure about the look. Just make sure to know the best ways to get better results, before you start to try these trendy hairstyles that are best fir for the women with short hair.


Various Haircut Styles For Women – creative hairdressers inc

Are you on a prowl to find nice haircut for ladies? There are different kinds of haircut for female based on the length of the hair and shape of the face. Identifying the shape of the face plays a crucial role in determining the proper haircut to give the wow factor. Here we are listing the scoop of fresh haircut styles and latest trends of haircut around the world. It is extremely boring to carry the same haircut for years together. Take inspiration from these different kinds of haircut for ladies and ask your hairstylist to get the best haircut for you.

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Wob (Wavy Bob Haircut): if you want your natural curls to stay, then go for a bob cut to make your hair look like waves in a beach. This haircut is a twist on the classic bob cut which is blunt with no layers. This messy haircut gives volume to the hair as opposed to the straight bob.


Sleek Bob Cut: if you have naturally straight hair and want to look professional in your workplace, opt for sleek bob blunt cut. Keep the hair length just enough to touch your collarbone for the ultra-modern professional women looks.


Long Bob with Side Bangs: Women with shoulder-length hair can go for bob haircut with curved or bent edges. Go for a side swept bang cut on the front if you feel the need to cover your forehead.


Short Bob with Bangs: Bangs are a flexible option and can be incorporated in the majority of hairstyles. Short bob with bangs will make you definitely look like a star that has come out of a sci-fi movie. It gives the edgy and sophisticated look but looks good only a few face shapes.




Pixie Haircut: pixie haircut is the most voguish hairstyle spotted by celebrities often. The hair is cut short at the back and sides are kept longer. It is an edgy haircut and does not suit everyone. If you are keen on experimenting with your hairstyle, then go for the smoothed out version of pixie haircut instead of spikes.


Layered Cut: Layered haircut looks very good for people that have long hair. The number of haircut styles is limited when it comes to long hair and layer cut is the most preferred on as it adds volume and makes hair look instantly stunning and stylish.


Bang with Layer Cut: if you think layers is the ultimate cut for long hair, try adding bangs to it. Celebrities are often spotted wearing this hairstyle. It raises your beauty quotient and makes you look styled in a cool way.


Bob and Layer Cut: this is the fancy haircut that looks like bob cut from behind but has layers as it comes to the sides. This is an uber chic haircut that makes you look like a star.

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Wavy Haircut and Bangs: If you are someone with a medium length of hair and want to sport a beach look go for this hairstyle. It may seem like a simple haircut but makes you look cool once you are done with the haircut.


A Medium Haircut with Bangs: Are you bored with your long hair? Cut your hair till shoulder length and style it with inward or outward curls and add bangs. This haircut is very cute and looks good for formal and festive occasions too.


Layered Wave Cut With Side Bangs: The layered haircut looks extremely beautiful with wavy hair. Layers and waves go hand in hand when it comes to making you look stylish. Add bangs to the side instead of straight bangs to give luscious look.


Long Pin-Up Curls: For some with a heart-shaped face, a long hairstyle with curls to the cheek length is good. It provides balance to the face and gives a slim look. Soft and wide curls also add volume to thin hair.


Volume Curls: Volume curls gives beach and wavy look to the hair from top to end. It looks good for people with a long face. Curls add volume to hair and give the hair the much-needed boost and bounce. It is definitely a high maintenance haircut for those with naturally straight hair.


Curtain Bangs: For people with oval shape and love for fringe hairstyle, curtain bangs are a good option. These bangs look full to the edges and leave a partition at the center giving a certain curtain look.


Blunt cut bangs and overgrown fringe are also good haircuts for women with oval and square shape face. Styling hair with flat iron or curls and adding streaks of color gives major transformation to your look. The different types of haircut for ladies can be tried for a few times before knowing your signature look. Understand the shape of your face and how a haircut can change its look to make you fabulous.