How Can Businesses Ensure More Equality in the Workplace

How Can Businesses Ensure More Equality in the Workplace

March 15, 2022 Off By Patricia

Although many businesses won’t admit it, there’s a lot of heat on companies to work harder on hiring as fairly as possible.  You may think your company is hiring fairly and that you’re avoiding any gender, race, or other gaps that could leave your company liable for a lawsuit: but you need to take it more seriously than that.

Everyone deserves a fair chance to work and hold a position that they’re capable of working under.  Because of that, every company must reevaluate its hiring, firing, and promotion procedures.

Check Biases in Hiring

You may not think you have any hiring biases: but if your company still has ‘must be able to lift fifty pounds’ on a job listing that will never require anyone to lift anything that heavy: you’re still working under hiring biases.  This statement holds back disabled people who could otherwise do their job perfectly, just wouldn’t be able to lift fifty pounds if it came down to it.

There are thousands of small biases like this that we don’t notice in our daily life that stop tons of people with protected statuses from getting jobs that they could flourish in.

Ensure Training is Conducted Throughout All Careers

Training isn’t just to help people do the best at their jobs.  It’s also to ensure that they can behave in a way that will shine well on the company and their coworkers.  Because of this, every company must train every employee, from entry-level to CEO, on the importance of treating coworkers well.

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Repeating training every year will ensure everyone is refreshed on this and can leave the lessons in mind that will help protect your company from any employment discrimination cases.

How Can Businesses Ensure More Equality in the Workplace

Reevaluate Promotion and Firing Processes

The promoting and firing processes in most companies have implicit bias.  Look at who keeps getting promoted and who’s the most likely to get fired for something that another coworker would have simply gotten a slap on the wrist for.

Over time you may realize that there’s no such thing as a fair hiring process, and there’s nothing that can stop you from fixing this.  Pay attention to biases, make sure all behavior is punished fairly, and ensure that those promoted get promoted because of their longevity with the company and how well they work: not just because they’re good friends with their supervisors.

Put Out Employee Polls Regularly

It’s important to talk to employees about how they feel.  Do they think that the steps you’ve taken have been fair?  Do they feel like the office is a safe and healthy place to work?  Of course, no workplace is paradise, but do they feel safe there?  Do they feel respected?  All of this matters because it gives them the chance to tell you whether or not this work is working for everyone.

Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance to Work

Everyone out there deserves the same fair chance to work in a healthy and cooperative workplace.  Although it can feel exhausting to have to rethink your company from the top-down, it’s vital to ensure everyone can work safely and comfortably.