How To Get Hired for a Journalism Job Using Facebook Advertising – lind partners facebook

How To Get Hired for a Journalism Job Using Facebook Advertising – lind partners facebook

April 15, 2019 Off By Montero Theo

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

Only because it’s the most powerful advertising platform when it comes to targeting! Seriously, you can get in front of nearly anyone at company…. because… well, they probably are using Facebook too.

If you want to get hired, there’s no shame in advertising your skills and background. How else are people going to recruit you if they don’t know you exist.

So let’s start.

What you are about to read will get you further along than 90% of Facebook advertisers out there 🙂

Before You Advertise

    Get yourself a:

        Blog (self-hosted, not on or blogspot or typepad). Use WORDPRESS software


        Facebook profile and fan page

        Linkedin if you’re really feeling up for it

    Create some content that is worthy of YOU! That means put up some of your best content to share with the world. If you have awesome stories or photos, post at least links to these on your profiles and blogs. Get people noticing them.

    Pick a SINGLE photo you want to use and use it across all of your profiles and on your blog. Consistency will help you have a more professional look.

    Decide what you want to be hired for. Do you want to be a reporter? Editor? Photog? Designer? What do you want!?!!

    Decide what you will advertise: Will you send people to your own website? Your Facebook fan page? Your Twitter page? My best advice is to create a page on your own website that acts as a “living resume.” When you reference things you’ve done, link to them from within that page. This will help people navigate through your work history and give them a strong picture of you. Don’t be afraid to link to things, like side projects, that reveal more about your personality.

        My best idea here is to create an email capture form and tell people who submit their email you will put them on your newsletter (this does require creating a newsletter). Anyway, potential employers may want to keep up with you, but they probably won’t come back to your resume page over and over. Creating a newsletter is an AWESOME way to pump out new content and keep potential employers in the loop with what you are doing. Believe me, they will remember you longer than someone else who isn’t creating a newsletter. The cheapest and easiest place to do this is at

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        YES! I know this is work, but do you want a job or not?

    Set a budget. How much is a new job worth to you. I’d invest at least $100 in this. If you get nowhere after that, then at least you will have learned about how to advertise on Facebook and you could always try affiliate marketing like me 🙂

How to Advertise

Start by reading through the “How to Advertise a Jouralism Job” to get ideas for how to create a BUSINESS account and how to do basic targeting. NOTE: Do NOT run ads on your personal account. ALWAYS create a business account.

PLEASE do read the other post because it will offer you tips applicable here that I didn’t want to write again.

But anyway, let’s start.

After you’ve created your business account, click the “create an ad” button or go to

    Pick what you want to advertise – what URL will you send clickers to?

    Map out your target demo:

        If you know which company you want to work for – use workplace targeting to target people in that company. You could even go a step further by figuring out who at the company is doing the hiring, find out their age, location and what they like to do and then put all of those targeting features in your ad setup.

        If you know the location you want to work in, make sure you target that specific city and not the entire US.

        If you know the industry only, try to think of up to 5 tightly-related keywords that people who are in that industry might have in their profile. DO NOT use things like “the new york times” and “boston globe” in your keyword targeting. Why? Well because anyone might have those keywords in their profile. But people who actually work for those companies will have that in their workplace targeting. And that’s how you want to attack that.Picture 8

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        You can get in front of anyone you want, just be sure to get in front of the RIGHT people. The smaller the demo size the better. Think of trying to get a couple hundred to a couple thousand-size demo. I can’t imagine you’d want to go broader on this type of advertising.

    Pick a photo of you in action related to the position that you want. You want a really eye-catching image here. If you put a border around it, all the better. Make sure you use all of the alotted space – 110 x 80 pixels.

    Write a BLUNT headline. Do not get cute. Something like “Hire this REPORTER” or “REPORTER for Hire” or “I’ll Write For You”.

    Your description should have some more information about you, but make it interesting and include a call to action. Here’s an example of an ad I created for me….(it is embellished 🙂 Picture 6

    DO ANOTHER AD! Always Always Always split test your ads. That means create another ad that is pretty close to the same but something is changed. That way you’ll know what type of ad receives more response from your target audience. It could be as simple as writing “REPORTER for hire” as the headline in your first ad and “Hire this REPORTER” in your second ad. But just do it! Then keep an eye on it to see what’s working best.

How to Bid

Run your ads on a CPC (cost per click) model. That means, you’ll only pay Facebook when someone clicks your ad. For this type of ad, my guess is you’ll pay somewhere around $0.35-$0.55 per click. That’s not too bad.

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CPM is cheaper, but that will also help you lose your ASS fast if you haven’t done this before.

Bid at the middle of the “suggested bid.” Facebook will tell you what most other people are bidding for similar traffic, and you should stick to the middle of that. If you go higher, you will get more impressions (more views of your ads), but you will also pay more when someone clicks.

Keep in mind Facebook will give an ad around 10,000 impressions (views) to get a click. If it doesn’t get a click in that time, then your ad will probably stop getting shown. Why? Well because Facebook is doing you a favor by showing your ad if you are only paying for it when it gets clicked. If no one clicks the ad, that means it’s taking up their ad inventory and NO ONE is making money on it.

What’s Next?

Run Those Ads!

Read the other post on how to advertise a job on Facebook. You’ll get more information on how to run a successful ad on Facebook. Then launch your ad and get hired!

Would love to hear stories of your experience running FB ads for jobs.