Learn the Importance of Social Media Listening to Your Brand and get started

Learn the Importance of Social Media Listening to Your Brand and get started

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Social media listening is a process where businesses constantly observe and analyze any mention and responses on social sites about their services, products, and brand. They then use the information to make changes and satisfy the customers. Arguably, it involves two steps; observation and action. Through social listening, you get an opportunity to keep track of conversations, analyze them and respond accordingly.

Social monitoring VS social listening


Although the two terms are commonly perceived as the same thing, they differ in their functions. Defensibly, monitoring keeps an eye on your brand name, and thus, you become aware of every mention of your brand name on a social site as it happens. It includes industry trends, relevant hashtags, competitors’ statements, and brand mention metrics.


On the other hand, listening involves more than monitoring. After being alerted about key events as they happen, you analyze the information and understand why your name or competitors’ has been mentioned. Therefore, you give the appropriate response to such conversations. Below, we learn why acquiring insights about your brand through social listening is vital and how to get started.

Importance of Social Listening


1 engaging with customers


This is a significant benefit of social media listening since you directly engage with your target audience. Ideally, it involves giving feedback to questions or concerns about your company or brand. Additionally, you can create blogs to clarify the common issues raised by your target audience. It is beneficial as companies who take time to respond to users encourage goodwill and loyalty.

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2 Manage crisis


In some instances, your brand and company will receive very negative reviews, which spread very fast. If you do not act upon and rectify, your brand name and company reputation would be destroyed. Therefore, monitoring and analyzing customer conversation is vital to help you understand customer’s sentiment and immediately take proper action.

3 keep track of competitors


Besides your brand and company, you also learn about your competitor on social media sites. This intelligence is essential in comprehending what is loved or hated about your competition. Therefore, you can improve your product to gain a competitive edge and, more importantly, satisfy the customers.

4 finding influencers


Social site influencers have an impact on how people feel about a product or service. Interestingly, some influencers are already mentioning your brand to their followers on their posts. Therefore, through social listening, you get to identify them and partner with them.

5 track and oversee trends


It helps the Public Relations team to monitor press releases that mention your name, competitor mentions, and industry keywords and highlight possible partnerships.

How to get started


Choose a tool


When selecting an app for social media listening, consider the following;

  • What platforms the app monitors
  • The number of keywords or phrases you can track
  • The metrics monitored by the platform

Choose your Keywords


The success of social listening lies in using relevant keywords. The tools you select will monitor conversations using keywords, phrases, and topics. Essential keywords and topics to monitor include; your brand name and handles, product name, competitors’ brand and product name and handles, industry buzzwords, competitors’ and your slogan, names of key people in your company and competitors’, campaign keywords, and hashtags.

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Choose your Platform


These are the social sites where you will be listening. It is recommendable to listen from all sites if possible. However, it is essential to pay attention to sites with the highest number of your target audience.

Analyze and respond


Finally, you can analyze the sentiments, engagements, and keywords and take necessary actions.



Social media listening is a powerful tool worth investing in for a business growth strategy. Netbase Quid is a market intelligence and consumer company enabling businesses to win faster in their marketing, market research, public relations, sales, customer service, and product innovation strategies. Hence, by using their services, you can easily succeed in your social listening strategy.