Top Educational Books Every Teacher Should Read – xanedu publishing

Top Educational Books Every Teacher Should Read – xanedu publishing

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Learning is a continuous process. Books have the required wealth of information for students to improve and become better. Not only students but also teachers yearn to learn new things going on in the world. Best books for teachers to read are inspirational books which promote deeper learning. There are some good books for teacher’s professional development which will ignite the minds of the reader. Let us look at good books for teachers to read.


Whole Novels for the Whole Class by Ariel Sacks


The book is aimed for educators teaching the middle school. It is one of the best professional development books for the teacher. It works as a guide for teachers in training the students to develop critical thinking and understand literature. It helps the educators to teach the class a whole novel and also how to tackle the individual needs of students in learning. The book shows interesting strategies on how to finish a whole novel in the classroom.


The First Days of School by Harry Wong and Rosemary Wong


This book is recommended as professional readings for teachers who are first-timers in the field. It gives suggestions and ideas on how to be an effective teacher. Reading the book will help new teachers on how to overcome the fear of controlling the class and how to set a teaching procedure at the very beginning of the year. It also gives a preview for new teachers about the happenings of a classroom and how to be prepared to deal with various scenarios.


Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller


For any teacher who is seeking to gain personal development and progress, this is one of the top educational books for teachers. This gives a retrospective understanding of their past teaching methods and skills. It is also a professional development book to make teachers remind of their passion for teaching. It tells the educators a realistic way to deal with class students and how talking them individually helps them to progress in learning.


Creating Cultures of Thinking by Ron Ritchhart


The book highlights the learning environment of a student. To bring out the best in a student, schools and teachers need to create a creative and stimulating environment for the students. This is a profound and best educational book for teachers who try to inculcate intellectual character for the kids. It points out various thinking routines as an exercise for students and helps them to be better problem solvers. It makes them curious about the learning principles and inculcates the habit of asking questions.

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Smart but Scattered by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare


If you are looking for best books for teachers to understand the minds of students, this is a must-read. It is aimed towards developing kids from the ages 5 to 13 and how to project their skills into use. Parents and teachers are the adults in a kid’s life who are responsible for time management, memory, and emotional control. Kids need structure and definition on how to control anger, sadness, and reject to overcome their weaknesses.


Teach like a Pirate by Dave Burgess


It is one of the popular books for teacher professional development and helps educators to inspire students by boosting their creativity. A lot of innovative ideas are listed in the book which increases the teacher’s enthusiasm for teaching. It is a great book for teaching to read and adapt those ideas in the classroom. It is few of the professional development books which stress the teacher–student interaction in class.


The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer


It is a self-help book for teachers who need to separate the personal and professional life and balance them well. It is the best book for teachers to read. The personal attitude and integrity in a teacher make him/her the best in a class. This book is recommended as professional readings for teachers that convey their best teaching methods from the heart.


Why Don’t Students like School by Daniel Willingham


Of all, it is one of the top educational books for teachers to help them understand how students perceive lessons. The research of this scientist helped him to write about the cognitive development of students and how a teacher faces challenges in the classroom. The most basic question of why students do not like school is answered with his psychological analysis. It is one of the best education books for teachers to read as it helps to understand the reasons behind the student’s poor performance.


The above listed are just a few of the best professional development books for teachers who like to do a little retrospective of their performance in class. Most of the things which happen in a classroom differ based on the teacher and student relationship. Read from best books for teachers to create a great impact on students learning.


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Steps Should Be Taken To Improve the Education System – xanedu publishing

Are you bombarded with thoughts like does the education system needs to be changed, and how should the education system be changed? Education systems are the nutritive environments for kids to learn and acquire skills. But is the present system good enough to see creative young citizens? Such thoughts lead to the questions of “how can we improve our education system” or “how should the education system change”?


The school should be made a progressive environment where kids can learn by exploring and doing hands-on creative work. Introduce skills like painting, pottery, swimming to highlight the creativeness hidden in their brains. It does not bring results if we ponder as to “how can the educational system be improved”. Appropriate measures should be taken to turn learning environments fun and challenging.


How can we improve the education system?


High-quality education


How can education be improved? We all know that education which begins at early ages lays a strong foundation for a child. So attention should be paid to developing good school programs for kids and focus should be given for enrolling kids from lower economic conditions to create a great impact. Help the students with low performance to score better by taking additional classes to identify the problem.


Teacher training


How can we improve the education system? It is done by targeting on training the teachers to improve it. Teachers are the base for a good educational system. Measures should be taken to reform the teacher recruitments and their training. It makes a better sense to recruit teachers with strong leadership skills to help students grow to like them. Most of the times, students mimic the actions and characters of a teacher. As the teacher is the ideal model for growing kids, steps should be taken to make the teacher a perfect role model.


It is time to raise the standards of an educator. It is one of the ways to improve the education system. All the teachers should be given a strict training and selection of the teachers should be done after they pass all the required degrees needed to be an educator.


With changing technology, teachers need to be trained to incorporate technology in the teaching. Educators have the responsibility to select books and lessons relevant to a kid based on age and the ability to learn. It would only be wise to select highly competent teachers that can comprehend such sensibility.

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Provide incentives to educators


How can we improve our education system? Treat the teachers well.


Teachers should be given the required time to complete their classes. Reduce the class size to help teacher pay attention to each and every student. Reduce the class workload and provide freedom to the teachers to teach their best in a way they fit to see. The class work should be divided into external leaning, books and discipline learning. Teachers should design fun ways to make the education look easier.


Hire only the best teachers and pay them well to improve the education system. Teaching should be considered the highest profession as it involves the development of future citizens of a nation. They are the most influential people in the life of a child from an early age.


Update curriculums


How should the education system change? Updating curriculums annually is also one of the ways to improve the education system. It would be wise to remove redundant study material and replace it with new inventions which are more suitable for the present day. Also, allocate workshops which allow students and teachers to learn about such updated materials. Similar to students, teachers should also be given continuous education about new updates by providing seminars, workshops, and classes.


Does the education system need to be changed really? Well, the answer is always yes. It is high time to leave the system which says one rule fits all the class. Every student has unique abilities and a different pace of learning. A teacher can analyze such individual traits and provide personalized learning away from standardized methods.


If you are still at loss as to how can the education system be improved, then concentrate on the development of basic skills. Design lesson plans which show students the real problems of society and teach them solutions on how to overcome them. Focus on reading and writing skills from an early age. Encourage students to pick different jobs like writers and story developers by elevating the creative brain skills. All these changes will answer the thoughts on how can education be improved to transform the kids into creative responsible citizens.