What Are the Best Outfits to Wear To an Outdoor Concert – fashion repulic

What Are the Best Outfits to Wear To an Outdoor Concert – fashion repulic

March 7, 2018 Off By Montero Theo

Attending music festivals and concerts is basically a rite of passage from teenage to young adult life. Every season brings new concerts and festivals and the question of what to wear to an outdoor concert remains the same. It will be difficult to anticipate the weather at every concert. Better be prepared in advance for all kinds of weather. Most of the partygoers plan to bring sexy outfits to wear to a concert. Although it is not a bad idea to wear sexy outfits given the number of handsome guys attending the concert, pack outfits which are comfortable.


What to wear to an outdoor concert


Outdoor concerts are fun and get really crazed after a point of time. If you plan on showing your best moves, it is better to pick dresses which are not tight and which can give access to body movements. It doesn’t essentially mean to wear boring clothes but just to dress in cute yet functional clothes. Of all the dresses to wear to a concert, jean shorts and tank tops are the best. They give easy access to movement, look stylish, sexy, and are breathable for hot seasons.


Crop tee and denim shorts


If you are still worried as to what to wear to an outside concert, check out the concert outfits for women here. A cropped tee and denim short is a top outfit to rock the concert all day and night long. Bring a shirt and pair it up with denim shorts and tee. Just tie the shirt around the navel to look cool during the day and wrap it around you when the weather gets chilly at night. Always pack cute outfits to wear to a concert like this. They look good for all seasons.


Boho dress


If you want to show your curves and look chic at the same time, pick a bohemian short dress which suits the concert style. A bohemian dress which is breezy and light looks fabulous with a wide-brimmed hat. During the day pair the boho-chic dress with cool shades, hat, and cow-bow boots. Earn the cool girl tag by paring the outfit with bohemian danglers and a long necklace.

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Kimono cardigan and ripped jeans


Ripped jeans look fabulous for a setting like a concert or music festival. Pair it with a kimono or cardigan to bring the stylish look. A kimono is a very comfortable outfit if you are contemplating on what to wear to an outside concert when it is hot. Throw in a pair of fringed boots with a low heel to look cute and to bear the long-standing effect of the concert day.


To look gorgeous on any given concert day, just flaunt your style with statement rings, earrings, and a cross-body bag which can carry your essentials. Pack some cute black or nude-shade dresses to wear to a concert irrespective of the theme of the day.


Cute outfits to wear to a concert for spring


Wear slogan tees with jeans and pair it with a bomber jacket to look appropriate for a spring concert. Sneakers are the go-to footwear choice to pair with bomber jackets. Recreate the look with off-shoulder top, ripped jeans, and a leather jacket to get the concert mood going on. Leather pants will give the desired hot look but make sure you are comfortable to stay in them for a long day.


Little black dress


Yeah, you heard it right! Ditch your heels and adorn your body with a curve-hugging black dress to get into the concert mood.


For summer, just wear your floral prints to look clean and fresh. Floral printed tops and dresses are the required cute outfits to wear to a concert in summer. The ruffles of the dress will definitely send a feminine vibe across the concert. A button-up shirt and cropped pants are perfect summer outfits for women who intend to attend an outdoor concert.

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For winter concerts, a jacket or coat is a must to keep the chill breeze at bay. Velvet boots, leather jacket, and short skirt are just the cool outfits which keep you on the edge of sexiness. Velvet dresses are also the theme of winters for stylish wear. Next time, wear a chunky oversized sweater over a ruffled mini skirt for a winter concert. It will surely increase the fashion quotient for you.


Latest Autumn/Winter fashion trends for Women – fashion repulic

As we get ready to enter the Autumn/Spring months of the year, it has come the time where you need to update your wardrobe in advance and fill it with the latest trending clothes. While there is an abundance of fashion industry articles online which will give you all the needed information about the new fashion trends for women, but still we want to make sure that you get the important information about the latest trends 2018 that you need to watch out for.


The European fashion weeks have ended leaving us with a whole bunch of exciting outfit inspiration and quite a sneak peak of what trends you should expect for autumn and winter. Here, we will be showing you some of the new fashion trends for women that you can inculcate in your lifestyle.

Sheer SkirtsA strong case was made by the street style stars of the European fashion weeks. This might be a challenging trend but when done properly, it can easily elevate your outfit from basic to tres chic. Various style bloggers as well as fashion editors have been spotted sporting this trend in a little more of a risqué way. It has undoubtedly been a big hit which is why you should not hesitate before giving it a go. You can try layering your sheer skirt over a pair of tight high waist shorts, with cropped tailored trousers, skinny jeans, or even with a bodycon mini dress.

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Vinyl Pants A surprising observation that we concluded from the Autumn/Winter shows was that the glossy vinyl trousers are making a comeback. There has been a sudden influx of vinyl and PVC clothing but the easiest to wear are the vinyl pants. You can try them in place of jeans and they can elevate any look and make it stylish. The equal parts cool and chic, the vinyl pants will release the fieriness inside you and make you feel amazing.

Lavender dreams Even though Pantone declared “Ultra Violet” to be the official colour of 2018, we are still getting a gut feeling that the pretty pastel shade of lavender is destined to takeover instead. From the pantsuits to the romantic dress, this shade was all over the Spring 2018 runways, and it definitely makes for an Instagram-friendly alternative to the millennial pink.

Fringe Benefits The fringes are surely one of the most fun trends of 2018. It is official – Fringe is back and more over-the-top than ever before. The ultra-glam and dramatic fringes were spotted frequently during the runways of Dior, Calvin Klein, Loewe, and other shows. For those of you who have already made up their mind to try this trend, then you should know it has already been surfacing on skirts, bags, and playful trimmed tops.