What Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps? – apps solutions inc

What Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps? – apps solutions inc

March 27, 2018 Off By Montero Theo

Social networking sites and social media apps have become a great platform for small to big businesses to promote their services online. They act as easy sources for businesses to reach the new audience. The scenario of social media sites is changing every year with new updates. All the famous social media apps are evolving with time. Sharing videos, pictures, and stories with friends are made easy with social networking sites. Here is the list of largest social media sites and the new social media apps 2018 have in store for you.




It is the most popular social media with the largest user base. Facebook along with its messenger draws 2 billion users daily who are active on its platform. The latest updates on Facebook have brought a number of cool features for its users to enjoy.




This is the public microblogging network to spread the news and gossip fast. If you are thinking a 140-word post will not be sufficient to promote business, then you are wrong. Twitter is a great place to interact with clients and answer their queries too. Since it is a real-time social networking site, it is great for businesses to update about latest products and services.




Ever since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn is the most opted social networking site for professional purposes. People, firms, and businesses can register on this platform and write information about them. One look at their profile will give you personal and professional details which look similar to a resume.




It is one of the rising social media apps which became the quick social networking site for start-ups to find potential clients and bloggers to gain visibility. New social media sites like Instagram have cool features like instant photo sharing and video sharing and they work on mobile platforms well.

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This is the best of social media apps 2018 and is currently growing strong with increasing users from all over the world. It is the top social networking site to upload, share, and watch video.


Top 10 Most Downloaded Mobile Apps for Smartphone – apps solutions inc



Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. But can you imagine Smartphone without any apps? Mobile apps are the reason for the popularity of the Smartphone. Did you ever think “what is the most downloaded app”?  Are you curious to know the most used mobile apps in the world and the most downloaded apps in the world? Let’s check them out.




What is the most downloaded app for entertainment? The answer is YouTube. It is a video viewing app which works on Smartphone and desktops as well. The features are great and easy to use. Anybody can upload a video, download a video, share it or view it from this application. The offline download viewing feature makes it best to watch the downloaded videos without internet. It hosts millions of videos from all countries and gives good monetary benefits for the video uploader. It is also the most used apps in a day.


Google maps


Google maps are one of the most popular apps in the world. It has features which are most required by every user. It gives the locations and directions of every habitable place in the world. Its functionality is what makes Google maps the most downloaded apps in the world. It is used by more than half of the Smartphone users, and thus beats all its competitor apps in the market.

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It is the most used mobile apps in the world for social interaction. This social networking application supports all the major Smartphone platforms like iOS, and others.  It is one of the most popular apps in the world. It was used primarily for connecting with friends and catching up, but it became a good platform for businesses as well.




When it comes to sending emails, Gmail has taken the top spot as the most used mobile apps for communication. It is also the most downloaded app and is functional in every Smartphone irrespective of its make or model. It was developed primarily for desktop computers, but it was later updated to support mobile phones. The real-time notifications from the app make it an instant hit for the present generation users.




What is the most used app in the world 2018 for social media sharing? It is the Instagram application. It is relatively new than Facebook but its unique design and features attracted many social media users to download it. Though it does not have a web version like facebook and plays on selected devices, it is fast becoming the social media trend. It is currently being used for sharing pictures, videos, and business communications.


Google search


It is one of the most downloaded apps and most used mobile apps daily. It ranks top of the search engine mobile apps in the world 2018. It is used to find information on any topic from sports, entertainment, home décor, health tips, beauty, and gadget information to baby care and shopping. It categorizes data by most useful and relevant to the search word and displays pages of results.

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It is one of the most used apps for social interactions where users can send text, images, and videos through it. Though it does not support the web application and is limited to few mobile phone models, it is still the most popular apps in the present decade.


Google play


This is an app used to download other applications and games on to your mobile phone. It is the most used mobile apps for downloading both free and paid applications. This is one of the popular apps which extend its functionality to Android and iOS devices too. A user can check all the downloaded apps and beta running apps beforehand too.


Facebook messenger


All of the users that download facebook uses facebook messenger for private communication. It is the most downloaded apps along with facebook. It has almost the same number of users as Facebook and is strongly the best mobile app in the world 2018. It allows sending texts, pictures, and has video calling feature too.




It is the most used music app and it also has radio service linked to it. Pandora works on both iOS and Android systems. It keeps track of your browsing history and gives music recommendations. Based on the favorite artists, the user can stream radio stations for songs.