What Is A Social Media Reference Landing Page And How Can You Create One?

What Is A Social Media Reference Landing Page And How Can You Create One?

March 2, 2022 Off By George

With the rise in the number of online users using social networking sites during the COVDI-19 pandemic, social media influencers seize the opportunity to boost their number of followers and merch sales by simply unifying all of their social media profiles in the bio section of each networking site they are involved with.

Many social media users have risen to prominence and become internet celebrities due to this strategy. As becoming an online superstar always begins with delivering new material to the platform, increasing their presence on the internet with links is a beautiful approach for them to rank on a few search engine platforms like Google or Bing and appear on the first search engine results page.

However, because manipulating social media rankings with backlinks can be detrimental to both the platform and the users, social media behemoths such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are currently limiting link injection input in a user’s bio to only one link.

As a result of this restriction, many social media influencers are searching for a new approach to simply share helpful links to their best online finds and more in a single URL.

Even though this idea seemed unfeasible at the time, several IT businesses have begun developing their own social media reference landing page software to handle the challenges of adding numerous links to other social networking sites.

What Is A Social Media Reference Landing Page?

The destination you want your audience to visit is a social media reference landing page. It’s the page that visitors get at after clicking a link you provided during a social media campaign. Marketers can include social media reference landing pages in sponsored and organic campaigns.

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The vast majority of social network landing pages fall into one of two kinds. Many have a responsive design that looks fantastic and works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices. Brands frequently use these landing sites for various sponsored and organic social media initiatives.

How to Make Your Own Social Media Landing Page?

Because the social media reference landing page addresses the link injection concerns that many social media platforms are experiencing today, social media users must understand how to develop one and optimize their social media interactions with it.

With the present technological advancements in our society, there are two ways to create one: by incorporating using an innovative QR code generator online and of a landing page provider.

Using a social media reference landing page web service

If you only intend to use a social media reference landing page in your social networking bio, you can establish one by using a social media reference page website provider.

By selecting the proper provider, you will be able to freely add and change your social media relevant links without any hassles or limitations. While the possibilities of receiving infinite boxes for all of your URLs are minimal, it always provides you with the technology you require in your social media profile.

Creating a QR code for social media

Another alternative for building a social media reference landing page is to utilize an online QR code generator and select the social media QR code area.

By incorporating its use, you can enjoy creating your customized social media reference landing page with no constraints and make additions that the first option lacks, such as allowing people who see them on marketing posts, magazines, and banners to scan and view your social media accounts and material.

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How can you post your QR code on social media?

Because social media QR codes can give you a significant competitive advantage in improving your online social media interactions, here are some ways to share them with others.

  1. Make it the featured post on your social media page or group.
  2. Include it on your merchandise tags.
  3. Display it on the walls or windows of your store.
  4. Incorporate it into one of your promotional video clips.

How can I create a QR code for social media?

If you want to be the following social media influencer and are interested in going techie, here are some simple methods to get started.

  1. Sign up for an account on a QR code generator with logo website.
  2. Create your social media reference landing page by clicking on the social media category.
  3. Choose the generate QR code button to create your QR code.
  4. Redesign your QR code and test it.
  5. Download your social media QR codes and carefully place them.


It’s no surprise that the social media reference landing page technological factors include going viral and boosting social media followers as one of the essential factors many prospective social influencers incorporate to enhance their following items.

With QR codes becoming the epicenter of simple information storage and sharing, incorporating them into your social media site can enhance account views and interactions.